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Thursday, May 24, 2012

14 Art Inspirations from My Past Haiti Trip

Though I am not sure exactly will come out of my Haiti trip(s), I do have many ideas floating around with a percentage of all work (40% for photographs) sold going back to my experience in Haiti (You can see my journal entries in my Personal/Religion Blog).  Here is some of the work created so far as well as ideas I am still playing with.

1. I gained an understanding about communication and languages…. though I am not sure how, this concept/new understanding could be used in the future.  Read more about communicating while in Haiti.  Communication Part 1  Part 2

2. I can sell photographs and ink drawings

3. Sell work and give a percentage back (for photographs, 20% will going back to pastor Mark and 20% will go toward a trip back to Haiti)

4. Use imagery (photographs and drawings) for posters

5. Poster on world poverty or education

6. Poster on world water issues

7. Poster on children and death (or other) statistics. Knowing that Mikindy, a 2 month old boy that I held, is much 10 times more likely to die by age 2 than an American child, is pretty sad.

8. This trip brings back memories of the Home Depot clay pot factory in Tecate, Mexico…Maybe a poster could be created on this…This concept (and others) could easily be morphed into another zine.

9. I would still like to Create jewelry for the girls next time I go back (could create one small bracelet for every photograph, or other Haiti work sold)...Though creating jewelry would be great, it would also work well to cut the embroidery floss and teach the kids how to make bracelets.  This might mean more to the kids.

10. Think of more art projects for the kids to take back (I made bracelets and paper beads with the kids. They loved both)

11. The political graffiti had great textures...not sure how to use this

12. Haiti’s flowers were unique and beautiful (so were the landscapes)

13. Draw some of the names in graffiti style.

14. The teaching experience has proven useful in my current job teaching people with disabilities (link to the Coper Center for Creative Arts).


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