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Saturday, May 12, 2012

13 Tips for Mom’s who are Artists + 1 Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Idea

Happy Mother’s day to all you moms  (daughters, grandmothers, and even fathers) out there. Thank you all for everything you do to instill greatness in your children. I would especially like to thank my mom.  I love you!

Being an artist and being a mom are the two careers that I plan to pursue in the future and I think that there are huge challenges associated with both. Of course there are other jobs that I want and I definitely want to work with other people and other peoples kids at some point in my life. But my kids and my art are two things that are incredibly important to me (and we don't even have any kiddoes yet).

Here are some tips that I found for all the moms and/or artists out there...

1. Gear organization tips on how to run an art business and stay organized while staying at home with the kids.

2.  Some good thoughts in the comments section.

3. Time management for those who stay at home

4.  Another time management post with some great links

5. Motherhood and creativity interview

6.  Time management tips

7.  Organization ideas

8.  Here are some ideas that I have found that can help get your kids involved in the creative process

9.  Declutter and storage ideas - More ideas I have found

My Personal Tips

1. Multitasking – Do two tasks at once. If you need to set up an appointment, catch up with a friend or you want to have a play date. Do it over lunch. You both need to eat, why not eat and catch up.

2.  Upcycle - Many of these upcylcing projects could be done with kids and they will help beat clutter.  Dad, you can make one of these for mom (need a last minute mothers day gift, these are perfect).  Here is a unique upcycycled magazine box I created a while back.

3. Create art with you kids, I would really like to teach art lessons or classes…why not give a weekly lesson to my own kids and invite some of their friends?  Check out my Pinterest board for great ideas when "Working with Kids."

4. Start a blog with your children.  It is great practice when it comes to reading, writing, journalism, journaling, art sharing, photography, current events and can even serve as a family newsletter.  Another benefit to starting young with your kids is that you can learn about internet safety while you teach your children what is appropriate and what is not at a young age.

5. Take care of yourself.  Eat right. Exercise. Relax. How can you take care of others when you can't take care of yourself?  A compilation of some great healthy snack and lunch ideas can be found on my Play with Your Food Pin Board.

If you have any more tips please send them my way…As I will be needing them in the next few years.


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