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Sunday, November 25, 2012

#4 Practice Thanksgiving

A poster in response to my trip to Haiti (see more pictures from my trip)
These 40 creative prompts are designed the get your creative juices flowing by allowing you to detach from your daily routine whether it is writing, making art, staying at home with children, making art, working, or something else. This prompt is designed to help you continue on in the Thanksgiving spirit a couple more days (and hopefully everyday).

It is often easy to complain especially when...oh never-mind.

Let's practice being thankful today.

Be Thankful – Create a list about things you are thankful for. Include at least 10 items, people, events, privileges or opportunities in your day-to-day life.  If you want to be super ambitions make a list of 100 or more and start a blog or an art journal about what you are thankful for. Journal everyday or week for a set amount of time.

My Thanksgiving blog post is one example.

Haitian Children
I am Thankful for My Water is a blog post I wrote a while back in response to the revelation that I am pretty stinkin' lucky to be able to walk into the other room and fill up my water bottle.

Did you know that simply living in the US means you fall in the wealthiest top 5% of the world?

2/3 of the world don't have running water or electricity.

Believe me, the fact that you have a way to view this blog post and can read English make you pretty elite so I know you have some things that you are thankful for.

Tell me a couple below. I would love to see some creative responses. Make me think about what I take for granted.


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