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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creativity Prompt: #1 Political Promo

GRACE, 24"x36", $150
Alright to kick off my Art+ Creativity Prompts I figured I would start with some election inspiration.  So many people seem to be fueled by the politics surrounding us though we never really step out and look at the 2012 election (or any other for that matter) from the other side or analyze the benefits of the opposition.  Regardless of results we need to learn to honor and support our country/president even if we disagree. Since this post is a little late in the game I am offering a couple alternative options.

1a. Political Ad – Create a political advertisement for the candidate you do not plan to vote for.
 It might help if you try to look at areas where two parties agree or try to keep in mind that all people genuinely want what is best for the country but we all disagree on how to get there.

The reason I chose to encourage the creation of an add opposing your views is to avoid all of the terrible designer work we see on Facebook.  Just take the time to think differently and brainstorm.  That's what creativity is all about.

I understand that some people may have a hard time with part 1a so I am offering a alternate (though playing devils advocate with the second prompt will force us to be more creative).

Illuminate Your Mind CD, NFS
1b. Political Ad – Create a political advertisement or campaign on a topic that you are passionate about. Be sure to include both sides. Try to be unbiased and do not make fun of the other view.

Of course feel free to alter these prompts to fit your needs, but don’t be afraid to stick to the rules and experiment outside of your comfort zone. Rules can inspire creativity. Enjoy my 40 Day/Weekly Creative Prompt Countdown.

My samples: 
GRACE: Though I do agree with this poster, grace is such a complicated and counter-intuitive topic which I often rebel against (though it is a core belief of mine).

Illuminate Your Mind: This CD cover was based on the ideas of government and political conspiracies. Though I do not believe most (arguably any) of what is included in this design piece it is one of my strongest and well researched graphic design pieces.

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Share your art below and tell us how it related to the prompt.


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