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Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday!!!

There have been several people interested in purchasing necklace charms or magnets from The Lily Pad Project

Since I am not offering my lily pad paintings, sculptures, and most of the experimental art for sale until my exhibition in April, I decided that I would put these guys on sale for Black Friday and maybe a bit longer (but no promises as to how long).

Click here to purchase some hand made lily pad magnets, charms, or greeting cards.

I am creating 1,500 lily pads (and water lilies) to help raise awareness about human trafficking and the sex trade. Each lily pad represents 10 people who have been trafficked into the US in the past year. To learn why I am using lily pads and water lilies check out my blog posts.

Each magnet and charm is hand painted using watercolors, sized to match a glass bead, and pieced together. The paper back is sealed with diamond glaze for waterproofing. Each piece is unique.

The Lily Pad Project uses lily pads and water lilies to talk about human trafficking. The flowers represent the beautiful women that we often see in the sex industry. What we don't see in the sex industry are the root systems below the surface. The lily pads take resources back to the root system. You can view my blog for more connections to human trafficking.

I am also selling greeting cards. $1 per sale goes to Arts Aftercare.

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