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Sunday, May 8, 2011

SITE, Santa Fe

While in Santa Fe we visited the SITE museum/gallery.  The current show consisted of three artists: Ruth Claxton, an installation artist; Amy Cutler, a painter; and Runa Islam, a filmmaker.

Amy Cutler’s work included detailed gouache drawings.  We were not able to photograph her work because it came from other galleries and museums.  One of her pieces was women carrying goats up a mountain side with a bunch of Tibetan prayer cloths.  This one reminded me of Bear Butte in South Dakotan and the large number of tobacco prayer bags.

Ruth Claxton’s installation was incredibly fun to play around in.  It was like a giant playground for adults.  This site specific piece consisted of mirrors, gray and white metal, and figurines.  The mirrors were arranged in ways that you could find all sorts of hidden objects and images. 

Runa Islam’s work consisted of several videos.  The most interesting one was of a room with a large number of sculptures and other art related objects.  She placed many balloons in the room and popped them.  The popping sound sounded like huge explosions.  There was second silent video that was meant to be seen at the same time.
This gallery/museum was a fascinating place to visit and explore.  There are more photographs below.


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