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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Artist Sharon McCartney

 Oh, I absolutely love Sharon McCartney's Artist Books. 
She also has paintings, watercolors, fiber arts and mixed media.
I am curious to know how I can incorporate graphic design into book arts.
I found one way.
I know that there are ways, but how can I make it my own?
Moonlight And Music
Mixed Media Vintage Compact Book
3.25"H x 3.25"W

This makes me want to take the Book Arts class in the near future...
Here are the books I have taught myself how to make so far.  
These are just using scraps nothing facny, just trying to learn the basic techniques. 

My Work in the Student Art League Show had a zine with it.
I was actually told that I would like books arts but a couple of the girls there.
Zines could be one way to combine books and graphics.

My first book (well since 5th grade) 
Short Lived - Just got into the Book Arts Show at WOW


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