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Thursday, May 19, 2011

African American Posters and Visual Research

Though not up yet, 
the posters will be under my Social Justice category as well as the African American category.  
After my show in November 2011, all of the work will be up. 
Be sure to check back.  
If you sign up for my mailing list you will get to see images before the show.
My process typically includes a ton a of research.  I spend hours at the library reading about the topics.  I research online (blogs, websites and forums, even Wikipedia).  One of my favorite aspects of research is what I can't visual research.  It can include anything from looking through an old art history book to walking around downtown and looking at trains and the graffiti.  I also have a ton of photographs on my computer and a photography blog that I look through.  Here is some of the research I have been doing for my most recent body of work and upcoming art show.

1. Graffiti photographs - the graffiti all inspiration for a specific work(s)...

2. This goes with the James Cone and the history of Africans in America.  
I have an idea that I plan to try, but no promises whether or not if the work inspired by this image/concept will end up in the show. 
Black Jesus
3. Other people's hair and cool artsy images...really just because looking at pretty things (strong compositions, interesting techniques and great color palates) is inspirational
4. My hair

5. More graffiti style - I really wouldn't use this as is for a graphics project.  
I like the top R and the bottom A.
6. I love the idea of silhouettes

7. More hair...all kinds of beautiful natural hair

8. My Pinterst.com pin board "Political Artwork

9. My "Creative Inspiration" pin board

10. EVERFRESH: Black Book I love the library! Every time I go, I come out with 5 - 15 books.  
Its an addiction that I have no desire to kick.

Lots and lots of YouTube videos

12. Type example that I liked - I love love love type...

13. Of course there is more of my graffiti photography...I think that I will start a blog about the graffiti in Laramie and other places that I end up...


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