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Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Countdown: 60 Days of Christmas

Here are some sets, 5 to be exact, of my 12 day countdowns for Christmas.  That's 60 days of Christmas. Can't beat that.  Keep reading for date nights, music, craft ideas and more fun winter ideas.

6. These ideas will be great for the next 5 months of winter here in Laarmaie.  12 Dates of Christmas is such a fun idea.
 12 Dates of Christmas

My own 12 Dates of Christmas 
    1. Snowboarding (gave my man some lessons)
    2. Set up the tree
    3. Drive around and listen to Christmas music
    4. drive around to look at lights
    5. Drink hot coco and watch trains go by
    6. Park in front of the courthouse watching the lights while listening to the corresponding Christmas radio station. 
    7. Dress up diner
    8. Movie date
    9. Do to the bridge and watch trains go by
    10. Go to an art gallery or several
    11. Serve soup at the local soup kitchen
    12. Attend a wine tasting

7.There are some great ideas on Organizing Homeliefe's Blog to help you prepare for Christmas including over 100 stocking stuffers, ornament ideas, teachers gifts, cookies, newsletter planning guide, and a guidebook for starting new family traditions.

8. Sol and Rachel's blog posted a Pinterest Christmas posted some craft ideas for Christmas this year.

9. On the First Day After Christmas...My true love and I had a fight. The rest of the song is equally hilarious. Enjoy!

How do you count down to prepare for the holidays? Share your countdowns in the comments below.


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