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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Countdown/Advent Calendar: Food Ideas

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There is something beautiful about the time of year. Baked goods, junk food, and some of my favorite flavors are a few examples. This next set of 5 days in the advent calendar is the promised food post. Turn on the oven, sit back, and let your mouth start watering....

16. What are the holidays without great food? Well they are still pretty great but there is no better way to a woman's heart than some great flavors.  Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors and scents.  Check out some peppermint holiday recipes I found for this holiday season. Which is your favorite?

17. So we have covered the red foods but what about the green? Fortunately I also love mint and have gathered several mint recipes as well.

18. Clearly I love food, so here goes another favorite flavor of mine.  It's cinnamon and you guessed it, I am going to share the wealth.  Some of the greatest cinnamon recipes can be found here (some are even vegan).

19. I know we can't just eat junk all the time. (Though, over Thanksgiving I did accomplish my weekend goal of eating at least 1/3 of my mom's vegan rhubarb crisp.  She even made a second with me which I may have had over half of it as well.)  Anyways, here is a healthy Christmas treat for us all. There are so many cute ways to display fruit and veggie trays...or trees in this case.

I have also seen Christmas trees made from broccoli with cherry tomatoes as ornaments.

20.  Finally a treat for those who have been naughty...rice krispee coal

What are you favorite holiday recipes flavors?


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