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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of the top concepts that my group had for the bakery was a combination bakery and coffee shop based on the idea of relaxation and escaping.  I think that I would like to use this concept to design a coffee shop named either Ruahh or Shavasana.

Ruahh (or Ruah) is the Hebrew word for breath.  It is the breath that God breathed into us in Genesis.  Ruahh also means wind, air, spirit, or purpose and has been defined as that which "is good and noble in man and leading him to virtue."  It has also been compared to Chi (or Xi, I think).

Shavasana is often the first and/or last relaxation pose in a yoga series.  When done right it allows the yogi to enter a state of complete relaxation.

I am not sure which name to go with...
Any ideas?


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