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Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo Cards

The student union at the University of Wyoming always has booths set up where students can get information about clubs, jobs and a chance to interact and learn with people from the community and/or other students.  One of these booths was set up by a Christian group on campus.

This particular table had a set of photo cards.  The people at the table would ask "which card they related to and why?" or "which card makes you think of God?"  The point was simply to find a creative way to engage in a conversation.  I am not sure where this idea came from or who the original photographer was, but it does seem that this game could be adapted to fit the needs of an art therapist.

I think that a fun project would be to create a set of images that would work for a game like this.  The set that I saw had a table full of 5x7 images.  Maybe my goal should be to create a set of 25 images or more to start.  These images will be both black and white and color.  When I get a set, I will update you and give you some more defined rules or question examples, but here are some possible images to start with.


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