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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upcycled Pastic Bags Bag

I love the idea of upcycleing (or taking something of little or no value and turning it into something of more value).  Here is one of my favorite projects.  I think that it expresses the true spirit of upcycling.  I took several plastic bags and made plarn (plastic yarn).  This project is simple to knit but knitting with plastic does go much slower than knitting with yarn.

There is a full dishwasher soap bottle in the bag.  The bag is strong enough to hold cans as well.  I think that I will try to stick to fruits, veggies and items that are lighter as I don’t want to remake this unless I sell some.  It would be fun to create one using colored plastic bags.

What upcycleing projects have you come up with?
Are there any tutorials that you would like to see?


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