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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This project was inspired by a client that I worked with. She was struggling with weight issues and had been throwing up after meals for about 6 months by the time staff found out about the disorder. The treatment facitily that I worked at was pretty strict about not going to the bathroom for 20 minutes after eating (longer for some) and other rules involving the safety and well-being of residents.

After talking to her about her bulimia, I decided to research it. I was working overnights so had plenty of time to study. I found a lot of disturbing information including thinsporation, or thinspo, and plenty of pro anorexia websites.  Thinsporation is inporation for young women to be incredibly thin at any cost.  The pro anorexia website includes credos like "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" and "I only feel beautiful when I am hungry."  The second one stuck with me because a lot of people feel gross when they eat to much, but this really shows how this mindset can transmorgrify into something extremely unhealthy.

Here is an example of thinspo on YouTube with tips and tricks for anorexics to maintain their disorder, keep it a secret, and become even more thin.  Some people referred to anorexia as Ana and Bulimia as Mia. Pro Ana/Mia attitudes are everywhere online.

For this project I took one of the Pro Ana quotes and illustrated/animated it to represent someone who will never feel good enough.  Some other quotes include "Nothing taste as good as thin feels" and "If it taste good it is trying to kill you."

Watch my ANArexia video on YouTube

If you know anyone who may have an eating disorder, get them help!  Click this link to learn more, call your local hospital, or the police (non-emergency number).

Here are some signs and symptons
HelpGuide.org - there are many more warning signs.

Body Image Awareness Week is February 21st - 25 (2011).


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