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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circuit Board Gift Card/Photo Album

This is the perfect gift for the nerd in every young ladies life.  This project was fairly simple and fun.  I was going to make the circuit board into a a photo frame but the dremel bits I had were too week, so I used the circuit board as a cover and added a light up piece.

For those of you who want to make this you need a circuit board, Ulfa knife (like X-acto only better), dremel (my board had holes), electrical wire, newspaper, paint, and ink.

Turtorial and more images below...

I created the paper using squares of newspaper and several layers of paint.  I used house paint, you can find samples it in the back of a hardware store for cheap.

I punched holes in the paper to match the holes in the board and tied everything together using scraps of electrical wire.  I then cut slits for the photos to go into and drew on the pages using green ink.

This circuit board had some see through spots so I put lights on the back, this is optional.  You could also add a sound element.

 I was going to make this for Valentines day but decided to give it to my husband for his birthday instead.  He is MS/BS student in Electrical Engineering so I used a circuit board that hew blew up while working on his senior design project.  I was originally going to make a picture frame from a circuit board, but couldn't find one large enough for what I wanted.

He ended up giving me this board.  I knew he wanted to save it but he was fine with (or excited about) me making it into something that was functional.
 I added lights as you can see in this image.  You can also see one in the first photo.  They blink like mad when you push the button.

If you make two slits you can place one photo on each side of the page.


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