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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Z4 Energy Systems

Z4 Energy was looking for a way to display a large amount of information in a aesthetically pleasing way.  I started with the chart I was given and tried to make it work.  I had designed sever graphs and charts but eventually just decided to abandon them all together for a completely typographical design. 
Finished project

Here is the chart I was given.

First attempt

Crazy version including conceptual typography
It was a little overboard, and I was well aware of that possibility but we ended up playing with it and it turned out perfectly.  Here are some photos that my client sent from the trade-shows they entered.  She also mentioned that the backdrop really stood out to the audiences they were targeting.

 Here are some photos from the trade show that a client of mine went to.
 Here are some matching postcards.

My friend Hannah McNamee designed the logo when she had the internship before me.

See final design before pint for this project.


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