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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcycled Curtain Bags

4 Pocket Bag in use

Over break, my grandma gave me an old sewing machine she picked up at a garage sale.   So far, I have created several bags.  My favorite upcycling project involving my grandma’s machine are these bags made out of old curtains that were thrown into the free pile in our apartment building.
There is still enough curtain material to make 3 or four more bags like this.

Here are some other bags I have created 
More Curtain Bag photos below...

Simple Bag

Simple Bag strap

4 Pocket Bag

4 Pocket Bag in use

4 Pocket Bag

Pocket Detail - bad color

4 Pocket Bag strap and top seem

4 Pocket Bag strap detail

Here are some other bags I have created 
Knifty Knitter Bags coming soon


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